Mine-craft Inspired Themed Party Made Easy!

Mine-craft Inspired Themed Party Made Easy!

What kid doesn’t love Minecraft? I know I have three obsessed kids here that think playing Minecraft is a future job option. Which is probably why when asked what theme they would like for their party there was a unanimous Minecraft.


This Mining Fun Deluxe Party Pack from Discount Party Supply was a great basis to start from. Two sizes of plates, cups, napkins, invites, bracelets, table cloths, and balloons all in one easy to access box. I love the silicone bracelets that are included. These are what got Bub excited and he was ready to party right then. This set is such a great set to get your Minecraft inspired party. The table cloth looks like real grass and I am thinking will come in handy with future parties as well.  The napkins look like grass blocks from the game. Although the pickaxe is more cartoony than blockish, the kids didn’t notice and loved it just the same. 


With the table set up and everything ready it was time to think of other activities and decor. We also created other Minecraft related decor for the wall. DSC_0697

For more balloon fun you can draw Creeper faces on green balloons. A black sharpie works well.


Creeper faces on water bottles are great for the adults.


The simple square shapes of Minecraft makes it easy to create signs and other wall decor.


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