Fun Things You Can Do With Star Wars Silicone Molds

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Fun Things You Can Do With Star Wars Silicone Molds

I don’t know if there is a person left that has never heard of Star Wars. My children are obsessed with the wonderful sci fi adventure series. From Han Solo’s furry faithful pal to Luke’s droids, what is there not to like? Light Saber battles, Storm Troopers, and cinnamon bun hair styles all add to the excitement. With these silicone molds, you can create more Star Wars related fun and Bub is here to show you how!

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Who wouldn’t want homemade soap shaped like Han Solo stuck in carbonite?


Darth Vader heads, storm trooper heads, and many more shapes to choose from all in one package. We have been having a blast!

Check out the video to see what we used these for!


Ice Cubes! These make great shaped ice cubes. Add a little food coloring for a fun


No these aren’t chocolate…although they do look tasty. They are crayons! They are super easy to make. I’m not saying you can’t make chocolate with them because you could and it would look just as good.


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