Fun Family Ideas For The Memorial Day Weekend

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Fun Family Ideas For Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, something most people probably already knew. For most people it’s a time to cook out or have a get together but others it’s a time to go somewhere for a trip. No matter what your plans are, the most important thing is spending that time with family and remembering all those wonderful and important people who made this all possible.

We have a few go to ideas for our family celebrations. Although the main goal is to always spend time with family and make memories, we also look for places that are fun for the kids and frugal options for us. Here are a just a few of our favorite ideas.

Fishing or just lake gazing.

A trip to the lake is the perfect family outing whether you fish or not. Cooking out while spending time watching the waves roll and the kids run is one of my favorite ways to spend family time. Some lakes may even have canoes or boats you can rent for the day. It is such a fun experience!

I’m not a fisher person. I feel horribly guilty about a fish incident that happened about twenty years ago that has traumatized me into never wanting to hold a fishing pole again. I still think of that poor fish…lured to it’s death with a ball of moistened Wheaties. Call me a bleeding heart, (I can take it…I’m also a tree hugger according to my husband and proud of it) but I just can’t bring myself to kill another fish like that. I don’t care if others fish, it just isn’t for me. I am, however, an avid lake gazer and pretty skilled at the hobby.


Playground outing

The playground NEVER gets old. Most playgrounds have picnic areas available and some even have places to grill out. Playground parks are a great place to host large gatherings too. Easy access to unlimited entertainment, easy clean up, and plenty of siting room. You may want to check to see if you have to reserve the picnic area.


Camping or Hiking Trail

Our newest hobby is exploring the nature trails around the area we live in. It has been so much fun and the kids have loved it. Just one suggestion, if you are new to hiking…don’t opt for the 6 mile “strenuous” trail. Start of with something a little more on the easy side. A lot of parks have camp grounds available too. Check with your local park to see what they have available. You might be surprised at all they offer.


No matter what you choose to do this coming holiday, be sure to stay hydrated. Juicy Juice is a great way to cool off and cool down. It’s 100% juice with no added sugar is a nutritious way to provide a refreshing drink to keep the fun going. They can fit into my purse or our hiking backpack so that when they need a cool off moment, I have them handy and they LOVE them.


We often give them small breaks while we hike because even though we all are new to hiking, I understand that they may seem like they have more energy than me but they need more time to regenerate that energy. It’s fun to spend this time with them and be able to explore nature and see all the beautiful sites that surround us. We all look forward to our next adventure!


What are your plans for the Memorial Day Weekend?

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