Learning in Virtual Reality

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Learning in Virtual Reality

Have you seen the VR headsets that have recently came out? These things are really fun. You can use them in many different ways but one of my favorite is to use them to visit and learn about other lands in 3d. There are tons of free apps to use with these glasses. You can go anywhere, visit other lands, visit dinosaurs, go in the ocean…just about anywhere you can imagine. There are even movies made just for the headsets.

The best part about these headsets is that you can squeeze in lessons about other lands and then let them “visit” them. They can tour the world and see sights they can turn their heads and feel like they are actually there. It’s a great way to teach different cultures.


The headset we have been playing with is this  InewVision VR Magic Box from Amazon. With it’s adjustable straps and sturdy design, it’s perfect for my bunch of wild children. It’s also comfortable with the soft foam eye pieces and even CB can wear it with her glasses. This one fits most phones and due to the way it closes I can still leave my case on my phone.

These headsets are fun for all ages!


Lou loves play with the set. She is into the roller coaster apps. It’s good simple easy fun and can be educational as well.

Here is a video of CB showcasing how they work.

The apps display the games and videos like this in a double pane design. The glasses turn this into a visual 3d for your eyes. It’s a pretty neat idea that uses the eyes to trick the brain into thinking it’s seeing something 3 dimensional. It really transports you into the world.


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