Techno Gears Marble Mania – Zoomerang Review

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Techno Gears Marble Mania – Zoomerang Review

Looking for a toy that is packed full of unending fun? Check out a good marble run. We love marble runs around here and why wouldn’t we. We get to build something and then watch a marble travel from start to finish maneuvering around obstacles. They foster engineering skills, creative and critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, and at times following direction skills. This marble run from Learning Journey Toys is a great example of a good marble run. It has a few things that also make it unique from some other marble runs such as the addition of gears and a tube that take the marble from finish back to beginning to start the fun all over again.

You can find this fun project here!


It comes with a lot of pieces so I split them out into separate bowls to keep things in order. I like order…you would think I would be used to chaos considering I have three kids but I rather like a controlled work environment when I can have it. It doesn’t happen often.


I made my first time lapse video of use putting this together. It was really easy to put together, there is even guides on the base to show where the pieces go. I expect there will be more time lapse videos in the future. I really like how some much could be completed in such a short video. I think they are also fun to watch.

The pieces are labeled with a number and the instructions in the book are full color and show you how to put this one together. Although you could free build your own as well. We had lots of fun putting it together and than we had even more fun taking turns getting the marble back to the top for another trip.


Have you ever built a marble run?


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