Painting Dinosaur Tracks With Plastic Dinosaurs

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Painting Dinosaur Tracks With Plastic Dinosaurs

By now everyone who reads this blog knows we love dinosaurs. In fact, quite often my son has proclaimed his wish to become a paleontologist when he grows up. So it’s no wonder we love to play with Dinosaurs. Today we are learning about dinosaur tracks with these awesome dinosaurs from Kids Imaginative. You can find this set at this link. There are 12 in all and they are a great collection for that budding dino addict.

Dinosaur Track Painting With Plastic Dinosaurs

Plastic dinosaur toys are a great way to add hands on dino activities into your day. These are textured and painted different colors and can be used in several sensory activities such as sensory bins or blind touch boxes. They also make for a great display. One of our funner activities is to use them to make dinosaur tracks.


All you need is paint, paper, and dinosaurs. Sturdy dinosaurs are best which is one reason we like these so much. They stand on their own and are thick made. Put the paint in a bowl big enough for the dinos to fit in. And let them walk all over the paper.


Point out the different sizes and prints. See if they can figure out which dino left which print.


This is such a fun activity! The kids will want to try out all 12 dinos.


After the messy fun comes the clean up. Those dinos are going to need a bath to get the paint off!


Water play is also fun and just adds to the activity. Add some warm soapy water and let the kids bath the dinos. It will then turn into dino splash as they attempt to see which dino makes the biggest splash.


These dinos created a fun afternoon of creative art and sensory play. We also learned about track comparisson, dino shapes, and does size or shape make the biggest difference in how big a splash a dino can make.

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