Ocean Animal Rescue With The Octonauts

Ocean Animal Rescue With The Octonauts

Octonauts on Netflix

My little one is in love with the Octonauts at the moment. That in turn has inspired a love for the ocean and sea life. With Netflix she can watch and learn as much as she wants and then I can bring that world to life with hands on experiences in our classroom. Here are a few ideas we have used to go along with her current love of the ocean.

Ocean Animal Rescue With the Octonauts and Netflix

I have no ownership rights or anything to do with the Octonauts, these activities are just inspired by the idea.

Click the picture to be taken to the Netflix Octonauts section.

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Animal Rescue Sensory Bin

The Octonauts are all about rescuing animals in need of help. I thought we could add a little animal rescue service of our own with this Jell-o sensory bin. The animals are stuck and they need a little help to get unstuck. I’ve thought about including tools for her to use while she helps the animals out such as child sized tweezers or small scoops.


This bin is really easy to make with just a couple of boxes of blue Jell-O and some ocean themed items. Make the Jell-O and add the animals in while it sets. I added the sea shells on when it was about half set. They left an indention and different shapes in the top. It’s going to be some great messy fun!


Ocean Sensory Bottle

Another easy set up with a great return. Food color, water, ocean animals, and sea shells create an ocean view that will keep them entertained for awhile as they pretend they are looking for an animal that need rescuing.


I added about 5 drops of food coloring. I would have added a little oil to create waves but since I no longer cook with it I haven’t bought any to add to the cabinet. If you fill up have the jar with oil, you will get an even more entertaining show yet your animals will be a mess when you take them out.


Sea shells are optional. I just like the ocean theme they add to the whole scene. It also adds more texture.


Ocean Animal Rescue Play Dough

Another fun rescue mission is made with this ocean themed play dough. Bury those sea animals in the blue ocean and allow your child to dig them out.


Play dough is made using this recipe. I did add a box of blue Jell-O because I had an extra one I didn’t use on the ocean sensory bin. It added a nice light blue color and the smell is amazing. Also an upside the Jell-O is that as it cooked some parts turned white so it looks like waves in the”water”.


Make An Egg Carton Sea Turtle

Although Octonauts isn’t just about rescuing the animals. It’s also about learning about them. With this fun craft you can talk to the kids about turtle shells and how they protect the turtles or about why sea turtles have different shaped legs than land turtles. Download the pattern for the turtle below and cut up some egg cartons to complete this craft.


Here is what you need…ignore the sea shells they are covering blue bits of play dough left over from the ocean play dough.

paint brush
sea turtle pattern

Color your turtles and cut them out. Paint the egg carton with a turtle pattern. Glue egg cartons to turtles.


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