DIY Sensory Rolling Paint Tubes

Super easy DIY sensory roller tube painting! This is a fun project that takes seconds to complete yet gives hours of fun.

DIY Sensory Rolling Paint Tubes

Looking for an easy to create art medium that will not only be fun but store-able for future uses? These are great for painting unique pictures and you can store them for another use later on.

DIY Rolling Paint Tubes

First of all there are a few ingredients you need for this project. You can get these roll tubes on Amazon. They come in packs of eight, in different colors, and aren’t that expensive, I think less than $10, and are reusable. For scent I used those artificial flavors found in the baking aisle. I used strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange, and what ever I could find in my baking cabinet but you could probably use a drop of essential oils as well. I used food coloring and water for the paint. I tried to add a little corn starch to thicken it up but it didn’t really make a difference than just water and food coloring.


They create a light colorful streak when rolled across the paper. I’m sure you could put actual paint into the tubes too but I was going for the water color effect. It was all about the experience of using the different colors and smelling the different smells.


They don’t take much pressure and my daughter loved trying different techniques to see how they would react. She tried circle whirls, sketching, and moving her hands in different ways to see what kind of image she would create. It’s a great fine motor skill builder.


The good thing about a drop of food coloring and water is that it’s easy to clean up afterward. Don’t use too much food coloring or it will stain. A drop will do. As with the scented materials you add in, just a small drop will do. It’s a small tube and doesn’t require much.



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