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Teaching About Nutrition and Chocolate Blueberry Pancakes

I will admit that I haven’t always made the best choices when it comes to the foods we eat. I’m trying to do better and I’m trying to teach my children about better food choices. Nutrition starts with a choice. That choice is what food I put into your body. Should I pick the apple or donuts? Should I eat carrots or chips? To make the best choice one should be informed. That is my job, to teach my children why an apple is a better choice than a donut. Right now I’m building a foundation for a healthy future for them so they can have the chance to follow their dreams.

StirImagination Breakfasts Blueberry Chocolate Whole Wheat Pancakes

My daughter’s dream is to become a chef. She loves cooking and creating new healthy recipes for us. She pretends we are visiting her restaurant as patrons as she serves up her delicious meals for us to enjoy. For breakfast this morning she created a healthy alternative to pancakes that were fluffy and delicious using a few ingredients she found in our kitchen.

She made Chocolate Blueberry  Whole Wheat Pancakes

Ingredient list:

2 cups Whole Wheat Flour
1 tbsp Baking Soda
1 tbsp Baking Powder
2 cups applesauce
2 cups milk
1 cup blueberries
1/2 cup Nesquik


First she added all the dry ingredients and mixed them up. Than she added her applesauce and stirred it in. Than she added the milk and blueberries. It was shaping up to be a delicious breakfast. I couldn’t wait to see her presentation because I knew she had something spectacular planned. She mixed it all together and formed a smooth creamy batter. She put the pancakes on the stove and cooked them with a little oil.

You can find out more about Nesquik and breakfast ideas at Breakfast With Nesquik.



We sat at the table and awaited our tasty treat while we drank a cup of Nesquik Chocolate milk. Cb joined us for a glass because there is no way she was going to pass up some Nesquik. Nesquik is a great addition to the morning routine. With 7 essential vitamins and minerals and no artificial colors or flavors, it gives the kids a delicious chocolate milk to drink and makes me feel good about them drinking it. It also contains 8 grams of protein when mixed with low fat milk to build strong muscles and bones!

The pancakes, as usual, turned out wonderfully. She topped each plate with another handful of blueberries and served them up to her customers with a smile. We were even gifted a bill which was paid in hugs and thank yous. When she has her own restaurant one day, I’m hoping she ups her prices a little. Her dream is to cook for people and to watch them enjoy her cooking. My dream is to see her achieve hers.


As I watch my kids grow and pretend to be what they see or aspire to be, I try to encourage them to reach for those aspirations. Whether it be finding a book about marine biology at the library or buying a doctor’s kit for doll checkups. I know they are building their future right now. I try to support that by supplying them the materials they need and the proper nutrition to grow healthy and strong bodies. Nesquik is a way I can give them something they want and something nutritious. It’s one way to help them grow and use those special imaginations.

Just watch these amazing kids do on Nesquik’s Youtube channel.


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