Living With Migraines

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I wrote not long ago about my migraine experiences. Migraines are actually pretty common with nearly 36 million Americans suffering from migraines. Knowing that others suffer along with you may not be much comfort when you are feeling like your head is about to explode from the inside but misery does love company after all.


Migraines aren’t always painful. They come in different forms and not everyone suffers the same way. I suffer from different forms of migraines and I will be the first to say, Migraines are so much more than just headaches. They can be accompanied with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound. They can keep you down and out for awhile sometimes a whole day. I know I have been there. I’ve been the woman cowering under her pillow in hopes of the pain to return from where it came. Migraines can be horrible.

Although, there are times when I don’t even know I am having a migraine. They can also come in the form of visual disturbances called auras. Sometimes I see lights that aren’t there, sparkly spots or zig zag lines that look shiny like a light often find their way into my sight line. Sometimes they are like an opening act for the main event and other times they just happen. It’s something that I just have to live with. They come and go within 10 to 20 minutes usually. I close my eyes but the vision still remains. Sometimes at night I can shut my eyes and they will be as bright as a flash light being shined into my eyes.

Migraines have triggers and what may be a trigger for you, might not be for someone else. I’m guessing it’s a body chemistry thing. For some people migraines can be brought on by changes in weather, lack of sleep, bright lights and stress. Sometimes they can be caused by a certain food. If you suffer from migraines, know your triggers. Keep a journal about when you have a migraine and what you did before that might have caused it. Soon you will see a pattern. Once you know your pattern or what your trigger could be, you could be on the way to managing you migraines. Managing your migraines may seem like it’s an impossible task but the first step to succeeding is finding out what your triggers might be.

Another way to manage your migraines is to be prepared for them. Have handy tools that make you feel better while you are suffering such as a pair of sunglasses for light sensitive eyes or headphones to block out sounds. You can’t always run to bed when one strikes and life goes on, migraine or not. Being prepared with a migraine bag can help you continue on your day more comfortably.

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