Game Night Is On With Karma Card Game

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Game Night Is On With Karma Card Game

The cards are stacked against my son as he plays only one of they 12 cards in his hand. Happy to at least have a card to play after having to take the whole stack only moments ago, he smiles as he turns the game over to his sister who is waiting for her turn. She slaps down one of her table cards eyeing her victory only two cards away.


Her brother fires back with a Karma 5 and under card throwing her off her game. Whats this, she doesn’t have a card to play. She reaches for the deck with trepidation. If this card is 5 or under she is still in the game, if not she has to take the stack and puts her back even with her brother. I see her eye the awaiting stack possibly saying a silent prayer the deal with go in her favor. Her hand lifts slowly the card as her eyes close in fear of what it says. Steadily she turns the card over and peaks at it with only one eye. It’s a 4! She slaps the card down as if she never had any doubt and smiles triumphantly at her brother. He then lays down another Karma 5 and under card he was saving just for this moment. Well played son.


The game is on.

Karma is a card game involving numbers. The object is to get rid of all your cards much like any other card game. This one however has a few twists. Each player has three table cards which they don’t see until they use them. On top of those three table card are three face up cards they can only wish they could use until their hand is empty or they get lucky and get a Karma card that says they can. Than they each have 5 cards in their hand. The rest of the deck in middle of the table for drawing from. One card is turned over. Than everyone takes turns trying to place a card that is of equal or higher value on top. If a player doesn’t have the card to lay down, they draw, if the draw goes bad….they take the whole stack.


Karma cards are special cards that allow the holder special advantages such as forcing everyone to play a card that is 5 or under. It’s a fun game that kids and adult will enjoy.

If you would like to add a little Karma to your next game night, check it out at Set game here.

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