A Day In Our Home School

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A Day In Our Home School

We have ALMOST survived our first year of homeschooling. Here we go, entering into the final stretches of a long road. We have learned so much that I feel like I’ve been back to school myself. My biggest lesson, Home School is hard. There is NO easy path and it takes work and dedication. Don’t let that mislead you. Yes, Homeschooling has been hard but it’s so much more rewarding to both the kids and myself.

Often I fear I will break Google with my incessant questions about this or that but Google and I have made our way through this year still on amicable terms. My right brain has balked at all forms of organization which has been my biggest struggle but I’m getting there… or trying to anyway.

This is what a day in our home school class might look like. 

Our day starts with children sleeping blissfully unaware of my wake up calls. When they finally find their way to the classroom table after breakfast, they have somewhat become more child like and less zombie like.


They start the day by opening their email where I have already sent them their daily schedule. I started emailing it to them to help with their computer skills. They also email some reports back to me.

We use noise canceling headphones for their online work so they can concentrate while the other is getting help, talking, or when little Lou has decided she wants to play along. Headphones are not all created equal. We like these super cute pink headphones from Sound Intone. They are comfortable and adjustable for her to wear long periods. The plush headband and soft ear pads make them a joy to wear. The sound is clear and there is an easily accessible microphone for assignments that need a microphone. The cord is braided and durable for kid use. She likes the fact that she can listen to her music while she works without it interfering with anyone else’s work.


Math is first thing in the morning. I’m afraid if we wait for it, we won’t do it. We learn new skills with Khan Academy videos. Than they practice the skills on IXL. Both sites are wonderful for learning and practicing math skills for their age group. They also create a road map of what they need to know. I than follow that up with a game because my son is game orientated. He learns better through play. I find these game by my good friend, Google.

Language arts is next.  We use IXL for our Language arts lessons and then I try to find a game that solidifies the skills they learned. Lou has gotten up by this time and I put her to work with either a sensory play or manipulative play. This is the best time to introduce new sensory materials because she will be happily working away while I finish up helping the older two with their language arts. After they finish with these two sections, the rest of the day is more hands on and she gets in on a lot of the fun. These two subjects are also the only two they do individually.


Copywork is something they work on as well. I have researched a lot of different theories and worked them into our own curriculum that works for us. Copy work is Charlotte Mason. I love the idea of helping them learn to write by coping great literature. I give them historical documents, Bible verses, or other fine literature to copy. This is a new addition for us but I can already see how well it is working. And oddly enough, my kids love it…right now anyway.

Social Studies is up next. Social Studies is something we take pretty seriously around here. We are all history buffs. Netflix comes in handy with all their wonderful documentaries.

Science comes next. Once a week we try to do an experiment. Daily we learn about new things such as animal adaptations, force and motion, and what ever else comes up in conversation. I also give them a chance to develop their own experiments. We also go with the flow and what they are interested in learning about. A spark of interest is half the battle toward gaining knowledge.


Than there is typing, Spanish, and Bible which sometimes are alternated or skipped if something else took too much time. Somewhere in there they do an hour of code twice a week. Whew and that is all before 2.  The kids are then off the hook while I go to work, blog, and then play Barbies with Lou. In the afternoon we read, tomorrow we are starting a new book. I’m excited. What does your day look like?

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