IXL Online Skill Practice For Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies

IXL Online Skill Practice For Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies

First I want to say that I didn’t get nothing for doing this review, just sharing some information. I did get to attend a webinar but I still need to learn the different in EST and PST and while I thought it was 10 in the morning it was really 1 in the afternoon so I was trying to attend a webinar while at my desk at work while the kids were visiting…so I didn’t get to really get into it and ask questions. I was, however, able to see a lot of new things that really interested me so we took the plunge and signed up for a membership.


As I said before we have had a hard time finding a curriculum that works for us as a family. So I have decided it’s time to work with what does work and hope the wrinkles will iron themselves out as we get used to a new routine. The one thing that does work for us is working together as a class instead of individualized learning. They love the feel of being together and working together however, as they are on completely different levels, group time is something we reserve for subjects such as Social Studies, Science, and reviewing. IXL helps provide the individualized practice they also need while I can focus on the group times.


The biggest perk to IXL that really captured my interest are the analytic reports. I love being able to at a glance tell what they have been practicing and what they need a little extra help with. IXL is different in the way it works. When a question is answered wrong they provide a break down of why the answer is wrong. The skill list is laid out and easy to locate what they want to learn and practice. They start a skill and work toward a smart score. We use the smart score to decide when to move on to a new skill. They are also given rewards and certificates. I kinda think the certificates are given out a little more often than they should which downplays the special a little. Other than that, IXL has been a great addition to our class.

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How does IXL fit into our home school?

We use IXL as a way for them to practice the skills after they learn them as well as reviewing skills to keep sharp on them. The skill list also guides me in what they need to know for their grades and gives me a path to follow. I use the reports to find out where I need to spend more time.  IXL also allows me to spend more time helping them learn new skills. At the beginning of the week I make them a check list they use for the week as a guide. They are given a goal of 20 questions and if the smart score is over 80 they are allowed to proceed to the next skill. If not we look again at what is going on and reevaluate what they are doing. Since we just started using the site on a regular basis, they have been using the past week to review skills they already know and get familiar with the site in general. My daughter couldn’t be more thrilled with the way the site works as it works perfectly for her logical mind. My son is more resistant because there isn’t any colorful games or videos but he is getting the hang of it and they are both eager to get that smart score up.


I may not find the perfect all encompassing curriculum that is perfect for my classroom. It may not exist, but for now combining online practice with offline group engagement, I think we are on the right road to finding what works for us.

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