Tokyo Treat Subscription Unboxing Month Two! #Review

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Tokyo Treat Subscription Box Review

Once again our taste buds get to journey to another country in taste testing treats from Tokyo! We had so much fun the first time which you can view here. This month was February’s box and it was an awesome selection of treats. My brother wasn’t here for this one, so the kids and I saved him…some anyway…well we tried to at least.

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Each of the boxes had DIY candy treats in them. This one had a candy string kit that they could braid the different flavors together. This was CB’s favorite. She loved the fact that she was combining two flavors to make a new flavor.


We also had some fruit flavored jelly beans. We played guess the flavor game. I lost. Also in the box was a pair of chopsticks. Real chopsticks, which CB has used every night for dinner since she acquired them. Red bean soup in a can. The kids thought it was funny they have bean soup in a can as a drink.

POCKY! Strawberry Pocky to be exact with a heart shaped cookie stick. I laid claim to this one. I love me some Pocky.


The adorable chocolate suckers that Lou claimed were gobbled with delight. There was two different gums in this box. One pack was all strawberry while the other pack had three different flavors. A delicious cookie treat with strawberry inside was the next item we taste tested. This little cookie just wasn’t big enough. 🙂 The Look! chocolate covered strawberry bites in two different versions of strawberry didn’t last long at all either. Let’s just say that anything with chocolate and or strawberry in the title was enjoyed.


And this was Bub’s favorite. Taco flavored chips. Not sure how these tasted as he claimed them and other than a mumbled “mmmm” and a description that the flavor was nice but the chips were a little harder than he was used to.


Lou’s favorite is up next with this DIY candy ice cream treat. I tried to do a video of this one but it was too hard to stir and hold the camera… the video would probably be seizure inducing. Anyway, you stir in the different powers with water. It comes with a bag for you to put the candy in, it was similar to a cake decorating bag. After you cut the tip, you pipe the two different colors into the cones. It actually turned out super cute!


Another favorite was these rings. They were passed around and seemed to be liked by all three kids.


Another treat CB enjoyed was this cookie type treat. She said it was “awesome” which is quite a compliment coming from this almost eleven year old.


What I really love about this box is that the foods they send are real treats. They are repacked for the box, not designed based on something, but real products. Because of that they send an English guide that tell what each treat is and a description. The kids loved reading about the different treats and learning more about another culture. This was such a fun experience.

DSC_0764Be sure to check out TokyoTreat’s website for more info and to check their different packages and pricing!

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