Macaroni Art Easter Basket Kid Craft

Macaroni Art Easter Basket Kid Craft

Here is a great easy craft for kids to do for Easter that requires very few materials. All you need is a brown paper bag, macaroni noodles (Easter shaped noodles optional), Glue, Glitter (also optional but we ride on the side of shine at all times), and anything else the child may want to include in their artwork. I debated on calling this creative art but stayed with craft because it is somewhat adult encouraged.


The object of the craft is to cover the “basket” with macaroni art but first you have to make your basket. I took a normal brown paper bag and folded it in half. I then rolled the top down about an inch on the outside of the bag three times, smoothing it each time. You could add an handle with two more bags by tearing them open and twisting them together but I didn’t get that far before Lou decided she was ready to glue stuff to something.


Allow them to glue as many or as few as they like but give each side time to dry or else the noodles will fall off.


Glitter time. Lou thinks all art requires sparkle so we glitterize everything around here.


When their basket is done, they can put plastic eggs in it and give it as a Easter gift to a very appreciative grand parent or parent. Granny loved her basket made with love.


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Macaroni Art Easter Basket Kid Craft


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