Easter Macaroni Pattern Threading

Easter Macaroni Pattern Threading

As I was talking in my sensory bin thread, these Easter shaped noodles would make a great threading activity material. The large open holes make them perfect for stringing into a shoe string. Threading is a great fine motor building skill for young children.


Tie the end of the string to keep the noodles from falling off. There is nothing worse than getting your pattern done for the whole thing just to fall off the end when you pick it up.


You can have them create a certain pattern as they thread the colors or just let them make you a pretty necklace to wear for Easter. They will expect you to wear it.


For older children, give them a more difficult pattern to follow or even a number. Such as, “String ten yellow and ten greens.” or “String 5 yellow and 3 green, how many does that make in all?”


For younger children you could start them with just threading the noodles or a simple two color pattern such as green yellow green yellow or bunny chuck bunny chick.


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Easter Macaroni Pattern Threading

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