Easter Fun Pasta Sensory Bin

Easter Fun Pasta Sensory Bin

You didn’t think I would let a holiday go by without a themed sensory bin did you? I found these awesome Easter shaped pasta noodle things at Aldi the other day when I was looking for something completely different. I also bought some fun bed tents which we have had a blast tearing up. Anyways, back to the noodles. I thought they would make a great sensory bin base.

Here is what we put into this Easter themed bin.


Notice the small toys and plastic eggs. She loves putting things into those eggs so I wanted to include things she could put into her eggs. These small bunnies are like as old as I am but I’m sure something similar would be easy to find lurking in the aisles of Walmart’s Easter selection. They are a chocking hazard so watch them carefully, go with what you feel comfortable for you child and don’t give your child materials you don’t feel they are ready to safely play with.


Sensory bins around here are a magnet for children both young and old. The kids love to play with new materials and they noodles were no exception. They had an odd odor to them making them smell kinda like hay. The kids thought they smelled like the hay bedding we put down for the bunny. It was a sensory activity that tested all their senses…except for taste because there was no way any one of them was going to taste something that smelled like bunny hay.


There are tons of activities you could use these noodles for and I am sure I will explore their uses before tossing them but right now off the top of my head I’m thinking sorting, counting, stamping, stringing on a shoe lace, sound makers, noodle art, sculptures. and pattern creating. I’m thinking maybe stringing them will be our next activity with them.


I’m going to stop rambling now… although you all should be proud of me, I have done like ten posts without the rambling. That is nine more than my previous record.

Easter Fun Pasta Sensory Bin

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