Plastic Easter Eggs Size Sorting Activities

Plastic Easter Eggs Size Sorting Activities

Another fun activity using the plastic egg stash. As I said earlier this week, my three year old is a plastic egg hoarder. She loves them. I blame the obsession on the YouTube egg crazy but I’m not shy about using the obsession to practice some basic skills and fine motor skills. As a mom of three, you learn to use the easiest route to education and building upon an already established interest is truly the most stress free path.

Today’s activity is all about size sorting. I just so happened to notice that some of the eggs we recently picked up thinking they were identical, were not the same size. They were however the same color. The idea hit me that they would make a great size comparison activity seeing as they fit inside each other.


We picked all three bags up at the Dollar Tree but I’m sure you can find these at stores like Walmart or anywhere that has a large Easter selection. They are generally fairly cheap and they last year to year.


The different activities we did were to line up the large eggs and she then matched the medium and small eggs to the large.


I used a marker and wrote Large, Medium, and Small on the different eggs. She can’t quite read yet but word association is an early reading skill builder that I have always used. When I was a teacher, my whole classroom was labeled from the light switch to the back door rug. I’m contemplating doing the same to our home classroom for Lou Lou’s benefit.


She put the eggs inside each other and also sorting them out based on color and size. For younger tots you can have one egg already placed and allow them to match the other eggs to the initially placed egg. For older children, you can just hand them a basket with directions to sort by size or color or both.


I’m thinking you could also use these eggs for sequencing and pattern work. The idea just hit me. I know what we are doing tomorrow in preschool.

Maybe she inherited the love for shiny colorful plastic eggs from her obviously obsessed mother… maybe.

Plastic Easter Eggs Size Sorting Activities

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