Easter Egg Color Sorting Fun

Easter Egg Color Sorting Fun

Easter is here and with it comes colorful plastic eggs. Each time we go to the store, my daughter’s eyes light up at the site of the hundreds of plastic eggs lining the shelves. She has to grab a pack each time she goes by so we can play with them at home. I have been working on different games with all these plastic eggs we have laying around and thought I would share a few with you.

This one is color sorting and really you could do this without the colorful jars but I feel in love with these cups and had to have an excuse to bring them home with me.

Easter Egg Color Sorting Activity

Color sorting into cups or jars is an easy activity that will usually gain you about 15 minutes of time as your toddler dumps and sorts the different colors. Set up is fairly easy and you can use just about any material not just plastic eggs. Although in this season, plastic eggs are super cheap and easy to get a hold of so they make for a great choice for this activity.


For younger toddlers you can set up the game with the colors already sorted and let them dump them out. For older toddlers and preschoolers you can have the colors all mixed up to begin with and allow the child to sort them.


Lou’s version involved cracking all the eggs into the color cups. She pretended to make egg stew and had fun cracking open the eggs on the side of the cups as if they were real eggs. She had fun pretending they were real and she was cooking. Most of our activities end up as pretend cooking play come to think of it.

DSC_0395 Stay tuned for more egg ideas this week!

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