Printable Wizard of Oz Inspired Activity Workbook

Printable Wizard of Oz Inspired Activity Workbook

Looking for a fun pack of activities for your child that will take them to the magical world of Oz?

This pack has several different basic concept activities with a theme inspired by the Wizard Of Oz but with my own twist.

We have counting, graphing, puzzles, colors, letters, numbers, patterns, writing, lacing cards, matching game, bookmarks (I’ll get you my pretty…hehe), and these number puzzles.

I make these sets for my daughter based on what she is into at the time but if you have a request for a future theme that you feel your children would love, feel free to email it to me

Also included are three masks of characters Tinman, Scarecrow, and Lion! These are black and white so the kids can color their characters the way they want.

And as always, if you use these with your kids and want to share please tag us on instagram with #miniaturemasterminds or @miniaturemasterminds! I would LOVE to see your kids having fun with these and it always means so much to me!


Click here to download the Clip Counting Card set that goes along with this pack!

To download this pack click this link below!

Printable Wizard of Oz Inspired Activity Workbook

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