Hands On History With Ancient Architecture Building Blocks

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Hands On History With Ancient Architecture Building Blocks

Hands on has always been the best approach to learning. Even for myself as an adult, I find that when I do something myself I figure it out a lot faster than watching others do it for me. That is why this blocks set was so appealing to me. Although as an admitted unrepentant block addict, they looked pretty awesome in the first place even before I discovered their use. You can find this 55 piece set on Amazon and they do sell bigger sets as well.

DSC_0431 (2)

These blocks are awesome because not only are they durable smooth wood but they come with several instructions on ways to build different structures that looks similar to ancient buildings. Look at those smooth pillars…I had a lot of fun playing with them myself even before the kids got the them. The instructions are photographic steps to building which means that while they are building they are also learning how to follow instructions. To me this is a super important skill because to be honest I know a lot of adults who do not know how to follow simple instructions…myself for one. I’m all for creative thinking and going outside the box but I also want them to learn how to follow instructions so when the need for that skill arises they will have it.


With this set they are examining the different shapes and how things fit together to create buildings and structures. We also explored examples of building styles in ancient ruins and while working with these blocks and pointing out the shapes in photos. We discussed the similarities such as the use of pillars and rounded door ways. They also tried to recreate buildings from pictures such as these ruins from Rome above and Greece below.

Paestum 1

 The blocks were a great addition into our study about ancient ruins and really gave them a unique hands on perspective of the amount of planning and research it took all those years ago to create those structures that have held up to the hands of time so well.

DSC_0427 (2)

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Here is the girls playing in this video below as they have fun free building and knocking down their sculptures.

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