Creating A Lemon Battery with Stembox Powered by Green Works #ad #NaturalPotential

Creating A Lemon Battery with Stembox Powered by Green Works

When life give you lemons you can light up the town if you know how.

Stembox gives us that how in a fun hands on way!

Stembox is a subscription box that encourages young girls to get involved in STEM. It is all about inciting the next generation of female scientists to explore the laws of science.

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Stem Box Subscription Details:

Each box provides a different hands on science experiment each month to explore STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math.)

The box contains all the necessary components to complete a STEM experiment. The box we received contained the materials to create a Lemon Battery as well as a few extras.

LED Bulb
Alligator Clips
Zinc Nails
Copper Wire
Instructions Page
Green Works Wipes
Mini Clock
STEM Sticker

Stem Boxes are designed to be fun and engaging for girls ages 7 to 13.
Subscription cost:

Month to month = $36
3 month pre-pay = $28
6 month pre-pay = $170

The instructions were easy to follow and had all my children engaged and interacting with each other. They were asking questions which is the best way to know they were full invested into what was going on. When that light lit up, they lit up.

Screen Captures

All that was required from me was 4 lemons. Lemons are pretty awesome fruits. The power they hold inside is amazing compared to their small size. Often overlooked because of their strong smell and sour taste, it took invention to realize their potential. It took a female scientist named Maria Ochomogo who led the team that created the laundry and household cleaners that make-up today’s Green Works line. She knew the power of nature and found how to harvest that power into a safe natural way to clean.

A portion of proceeds from each March Green Works StemBox subscription will be donated to AAUW, The American Association of University Women, to continue their work of empowering women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.  For more information on Green works and its continued support of Girls in STEM visit


How does this experiment work?

The nail is full of electricity creating electrons that want to jump over to the copper wire. That transfer makes the electricity. The lemon’s citric acid encourages that transfer through oxidation.


In the end we lit up an LED light and powered a clock with lemons. We also learned lessons about oxidation and citric acid that I am sure will be used in the future by both my girls and my son.

My kids learned that Science is fun and interesting!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Green Works . The opinions and text are all mine.

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