Send A Message In A Friend With Bearegards Recordable Stuffed Animals #ad

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Send A Message In A Friend With Bearegards Record-able Stuffed Animals

It’s hard to be apart from our loved ones. It’s just as hard on the kids to be separated from their loved ones as for the adults. Sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder of that loved one that is far away or maybe even just gone for a short time. It helps sometimes to hear the loved one’s voice but it’s not always an option to call them whenever you miss them.

Bearegards, a small family owned business, makes lovable stuffed animals that can deliver that message with every hug. Visit for more information.


Our Bear arrived in a box with his stuffing, voice recorder, heart, birth certificate, shirt, and a lovely letter. Instantly he was given the name Hugs for his cute bear face that was indeed huggable.


CB started with the stuffing and was aided by the all to willing toddler at her side. Lou Lou’s hands were small enough to stuff the arms and legs so her help was appreciated in the long run.  Than it came time to insert the small purple star. The star was kissed by all around the table with a wish whispered into its woven threads. Last but not least was message making time. The way the message box works is so easy. You switch it to record to record your message and to play to play it. It keeps your message from getting erased but you can change it if you need to.


I won’t lie to you…our first message was, “Stop squeezing me too tight.” thanks to the 10 year old. Every time Hugs was squeezed he would scream “Stop squeezing me too tight.” It was then changed to “I love you” which is what he still says. After the voice recorder was inserted, we closed up the hidden Velcro strip and Hugs was ready for his new life as a cuddle bear.


CB filled out his Birth Certificate with as little Lou began to decorate his white shirt.


CB did take a time out for a selfie with her newest cuddle buddy.


There were bear hugs all around!!!


They also have a party option for groups of kids to enjoy building a new friend. They have many different animals…I even seen a PIG which CB would love.

Check them out at!

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