4 Uses For A Drawer Organizer In The Classroom #ad #LakeHouse

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4 Uses For A Drawer Organizer In The Classroom

Organization is something I’m always working on. It’s also something I often fail at. It’s a great feeling when I find something that works and is versatile in it’s uses around the classroom. This KD Organizers 5-Slot Bamboo Cutlery Drawer Organizer from Amazon is one of those items. I think I need about 10 of them to get my whole manipulative shelf in order. Here are a few ways we have used this organizer around the classroom. 

Blocks Tray

The different sections on the tray separate the blocks out while also keeping them organized.

DSC_0436 (2)

Craft Tray

It’s not only great to keep things organized and separated but the solid wood box is also portable enough to carry back and forth from the shelf. DSC_0616

Play dough Tray

It’s also a great way to organize those play dough tools and when they are done playing you just have the dust the box out to clean it up.


Art Supplies

Separate markers, crayons, pencils, and other art tools by type or color. The kids could grab this off the shelf and carry it to the table to create their next master piece with ease.


I had a few other ideas such as a color sorting game with Easter eggs and using for activity set up. I could see keeping a few hands on materials ready for action in the different compartments. Have any more ideas for it’s use? Visit us on facebook and share!

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