DIY Rainbow Tornado Sensory Bottle

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DIY Rainbow Tornado Sensory Bottle

This simple project is easy to do and so much fun to watch!

DIY Rainbow Tornado Sensory Bottle

What you need:

A leak proof bottle such as these cool looking bottles from Practico Kitchen.
Water Beads – Found These on Wish 10,000 for $2.00 counting shipping.
Glitter – Not necessary but we like a little shine.

Step One – Gather your supplies.

Bottles: We used these bottles from¬†Pratico Kitchen 18oz Leak-Proof Glass Bottles from Amazon. They are thick glass bottles that have several uses beyond simply holding drink (which they will do that as well). They have ounce markings on the side which is why I liked them, beside being perfect for sensory bottles, they will come in handy with Science experiments as well. The lids are leak proof and can stand up to be shook roughly (which we did several times), threw in a purse, or turned upside down without having to worry about the liquid escaping. I can’t wait to see what else we can do with these!

Water Beads: I found 10,000 water beads on for $2.00 including shipping. There were clear, yellow, and rainbow packs.

Glitter: This is completely Optional. Confession – We are on the Side of Sparkle…beware.

Water: Any water will do. Sink water, drinking water, rain water…


Step Two- 

Add the water beads, water, and glitter (if you dare) to the bottle. Put the lid on the bottle tightly. You can then wait for the water beads to grow or go ahead to step three.

Step 3:

Shake in a circular motion. Watch the beads spin round and round. Repeat as desired.

I was a little overexcited that my video turned out watchable (except for the music which can get old after awhile of listening while editing.) Movie production tip – add music last. I hope to share many more exciting fun videos with you all in the near future!


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