Easter Egg Printable Alphabet Beginning Letter Sounds Matching Game

Easter Egg Printable Alphabet Beginning Letter Matching Game

We are working on learning our alphabet and the sounds each letter makes right now. We are only focusing on letter A at this point and to be honest this started out as a whole different activity when I began making it but somewhere along the line it morphed into this fun matching game. She loves matching games and I thought this would be great practice for her. So far we have just had fun naming the images but I’m working up to her being able to name the image and figure out what the word starts with and be able to match it to the egg with that letter on it.

Easter Egg Printable Alphabet Beginning Letter Matching Game

This is a fairly simple set up game where the biggest amount of time is going to be spent on cutting it out. I would suggest letting them color it before you cut or you could laminate it for a dry erase color/letter tracing activity as well.

Easter Egg Printable Alphabet Beginning Letter Matching Game

File Folder Version:

I have included a smaller image version below you can use to create an on the go file folder version. Cut out the different eggs. Glue all the alphabet letters to file folder. Laminate both the file and the picture eggs. Add small velcro dots to the backs of the picture eggs and the front of the letter eggs. Place the picture eggs in a baggy attached to the back of the file folder. They can then take out the picture eggs and match them in the file folder to the letters. You could also let them use a dry erase marker to trace the letters in the laminated folder.

Other ways to use the eggs:

Name that picture.
Put the alphabet in order.
Print out two of the pack for a traditional matching game.

Easter Egg Printable Alphabet Beginning Letter Matching Game

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Easter Egg Printable Alphabet Beginning Letter Matching Game

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  1. Super cute printable and game! Thank you for sharing and linking up on Top-Notch Tuesday http://www.simplyknowledgehomeschool.com/?p=242

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