George Washington Coloring Page With Literacy Worksheet

George Washington Coloring Page With Literacy Worksheet

This week we celebrated President’s day. In honor of that very special office we didn’t hold to a normal school schedule and instead I had them research a president and write a report. I made this coloring page of George Washington to go along with our theme. I also made them a little worksheet about the basic facts of George Washington’s life.

George Washington Coloring Page With Literacy Worksheet 1

In researching this man I learned a lot of information I didn’t know. I suppose that is why we research, to learn stuff we didn’t know before the research but sometimes it’s just to get my facts straight.

I learned some interesting facts while reading about Washington, such as how he felt it was his job to set the standards for being President. He is the reason Presidents are run for only two terms although it was not solidified till the amendment was approved by Congress on March 21, 1947, during the administration of President Harry S. Truman, most Presidents before the amendment was added self imposed the rule starting with George Washington. The only President to serve more than two terms was Franklin D. Roosevelt who served three and was elected to four but passed away in his fourth.

George Washington didn’t want the new Presidency to resemble the English Royals and is the one to choose the title “Mr. President” over other more lofty titles. He also had a very interesting personal life. He didn’t marry for love but for compatibility and raised his wives two children from a previous marriage as well as two of their grandchildren. He liked to fox hunt and lived a lavish lifestyle and spent most of it in debt. He didn’t want to be paid for his job as President but only accepted the salary because he didn’t want future Presidents to have to be independently wealthy and the job of being President to be an unpaid position. He realized his value in being the first President and setting the precedents by which future Presidents should adhere to and most of the traditional presidential duties are derived from the actions of President George Washington.

George Washington Coloring Page With Literacy Worksheet

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