Matching Game From Left Over Valentine Cards

Matching Game From Left Over Valentine Cards

If you are anything like me you have a stock pile of Valentine cards left over from the holiday. We actually got these adorable sticker valentine cards from McDonalds happy meals and I wanted to use them for some fun activities. I’ve thought of a few different activities using them such as matching and collage. She also worked those fine motor skills in separating the stickers from the papers.

Matching Game From Left Over Valentine Cards 1

With Valentine’s Day cards on sale now, you can get several different themed matching games. Usually the boxes come with several different designs and two or three pages of each design. The backs are usually the same as well. Instant matching game for less than a dollar. These sticker ones work well for matching as well as you can stick them in a roll and have younger children match the bottom ones to the top.


Or flip them over and mix them up for the traditional matching game. Usually each box has a set design for the back and the cards are similar is size. Each box also usually has at least 5-6 different designs with the exception of the teacher card they should make for fun matching.


These stickers were an invitation for fun. She made a super cute collage with them for her Granny.

Not only is this a creative activity but the peeling of the stickers works those fine motor skills.


You could also use glue on normal cards for this activity along with the heart stickers that cards usually come with.

DSC_0878 Matching Game From Left Over Valentine Cards

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