TokyoTreat Subscription UnBoxing #Review

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Tokyo Treat Subscription Box Review

This is the first box ever that had my brother ready to sign up on the spot. He was visiting when it arrived so we had to check it out together. I’m shocked I got to take photos before they savagely tore into all the Japanese Candy. I have never seen four people so excited about a box before. Here is our journey into TokyoTreat and learning about how children in another country get their sweet tooth fix.

The first thing you notice about the TokyoTreat is the awesome art work design on the box!

DSC_0706 (2)

Inside our box was stuff with tons of sweet treats and snacks as well as a toy! Most importantly was a book which told what each treat was in English.

DSC_0639 (2)

So much goodness to choose from. I myself was curious about how candy was made in other countries in comparison to our own candy as well. Was it going to be super sweet or not sweet. I was about to find out. I was really excited to see Pocky as I already have a slight addiction to Pocky that goes back to before I was Mom.

DSC_0642 (2)

There were 2 DIY candy projects included which CB was so very excited about. She claimed them right away. Although they both took some time to complete and were set aside for a better time period.  Also included was a can of drink. I’m not quite sure what it was but it was interesting to see the design and size of soda cans from Japan. My brother really wanted to try the soda can which we gladly let him.

New folder (9)4

Bub’s down fall was these spicy rings. I thought of them as similar to a corn chip with a little heat to them. Bub thought they were the greatest thing on Earth and everyone else was allowed but one for taste testing.

New folder (9)5

There was also a toy included. We received this guy who the kids automatically knew the name of, but sadly I have lost touch with the names of Pokemon which I’m assuming he is from due to the red and white ball on his package and the fact I can’t figure out how to spell the name the kids have gave him. He is from the Monster Collection.

DSC_0679 (2)

In the book they reference that Pikachu is the hardest and most rare sticker to collect…bam. There was also this wafer type cookie included.

DSC_0678 (2)

I had three favorites in the box and this was one of them. The pineapple chewing candy was excellent. I could easily see myself picking up this habit if I had access to it. It looked like gum but had a strong pineapple taste and was a candy.

DSC_0676 (2)

Pocky… I just don’t know what I could say about Pocky. Pocky and I go back years when I was introduced to the treat in college. This wasn’t shared.

DSC_0669 (2)

The fish cookie was different. I was a little nervous it would be fish flavored due to the shape and packaging. The kids seemed to enjoy it no matter what flavor it really was.

DSC_0666 (2)

Chocoballs were like a chocolate covered peanut and the kids enjoyed them. They came in a box that was supposed to be opened differently that the genius I am opened it. On the other hand I did get a great photo of the candies which I wouldn’t have if I had opened the box correctly.

DSC_0660 (2)

This final treat was my other favorite. Caramel puffs. They were like a heavenly puffed pieces of perfection. If these were at my local store I would get nothing done but to eat them. This is the one treat that every one of the taste testers agreed on. I think as a family, we could sustain ourselves on these and nothing else.

DSC_0656 (2)

Be sure to check out TokyoTreat’s website for more info and to check their different packages and pricing!

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  1. What a fun box to receive! I’ve never heard of it before and I bet my boys would love it.

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