Ice Cream Scoop Math Printable Activities Pack – 6 Different Activities Included

Ice Cream Scoop Math Printable Activities Pack – 6 Different Activities Included

You will begin to notice a few changes around here soon and this is kinda a preview of those changes. Anyway, I have decided to do what I do best and one of those things is to create printable activities for children. I figure I might as well put all that college education I (my mom and dad) paid for to some use. I also had a sit down meeting with some people to help me figure out a more organized goal for the blog. Not one thing I have said thus far pertains to the actual topic of the post, which is one thing we talked about. Sometimes I can get a little random. I can’t fix that… that is how my brain is wired. I can and will try to curb it…that is a lie…I probably won’t because as I said that is how my brain works and most of the reason I enjoy blogging. I can share my randomness with others who sometimes may get me and other times wonder if they should be calling someone to rescue my children from the chaos. The same goes for my humor style. If you are still reading by now I think you should come friend me on Facebook…we would get along well. 🙂

Anyway, intro over I will now introduce my printable set… I suppose I should add the title again. Might be at least good for SEO and to show people where I stop rambling and start actually telling about the set.

Ice Cream Scoop Math Printable Activities Pack – 6 Different Activities Included

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This set was actually started last summer but left ignored till I found it yesterday and decided it was time to finish it. There are 6 activities in this set, most involve counting.

The first up, my favorite one is these number pages. I like to put them in the corner lock folders from Avery. I tried to show you want they looked like by taking pictures quietly at 3 am isn’t as easy as I had hoped and some of it was cut out. I love these folders for creating dry erase activities for the kids. They are easy to change out and I can put all the pages to the activity in there together to keep them from getting lost until we are finished playing with the activity.

Each of these pages has an ice cream cone with the number of scoops as shown and a place to practice writing the number. There is also a place to place the same amount with some form of manipulatives in boxes. We used water bottle lids that I had colored in the underside. The spaces are marked with a circle.


Another activity included is a matching game. Each number has three cards, the number, the word, and a graphical representation of the number. You could use this for matching, sorting, or even printing out two pages of the pictures and use it as a memory game.


Create a pattern is an activity that you could make into a file folder game easily with some sticky velcro on the backs. There is 5 different colors of cones. You can set the pattern on the top row and have them recreate it on the next one down.


Another activity is this roll the dice game. Included is a paper dice you can color and cut out or you could use normal dice. I did include a few extra numbers and scoops up to the number eight. In this game the kids count by two if the number is higher than three. If they roll a four like in the picture. They count by 2. They also find the word in the cherries and place it beside the cone.


These cherry number cards can also be used to count. The kids can use these two ways. They can line them up in order or they can use the pattern pieces included and count that many cones under each number. 


Ice Cream Scoop Math Printable Activities Pack - 6 Different Activities Included

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