I Suffer From Migraines… But I Am Not Alone

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Yesterday was a rough day… I knew when I woke up and felt the all too familiar pressure building in the back of my head what was coming in a dark cloud looming over my day ahead. The migraine dread begins, the pressure at first is but a gnawing ache and serves as a warning sign. At that moment I didn’t know if it was leading up to a severe case or just a normal event. If any migraine can be considered normal, that is.

I began to plan my day around my migraine.

I knew by this afternoon normal actions would require twice the effort and be laced in pain, I planned all my blog work for in the morning when the pressure was still manageable. I planned home school activities that were more hands on and neglected the book work which is often more stressful for all concerned. Quiet activities and reading were reserved for the afternoon when I knew things would be at their worst.

Not actually me but a representation of how I feel during a migraine.
Not actually me…I bet you couldn’t guess that 🙂 but it is a fairly good representation of how I feel during a migraine.

I was hoping that I could get to work and be home before the peak came on yet at the same time knowing the sun would only exacerbate the condition as I drove to and from work… usually the trip home with the sun shining brightly is what brings on second stage which I refer to as “sheer and total pain”. The sun becomes my enemy at these times. Through the blinding light the pressure becomes a sharp spasm that moves into the area right behind my eyes making them feel as if they are the count down ticking away and at any moment my head will explode.

The day was not over as there were obligations to be met, children to care for, and a house that wasn’t going to run itself. Shoulders back and head throbbing held high, I marched on willing my body to overcome the pain. By the time the kids were picked up we had moved into the next stage where the pain was accompanied by nausea deep in the pit of my stomach. The kind of nausea that doesn’t result in anything but the horrible feeling of being lost a drift at sea. Dinner was something simple, already planned from earlier in the day, spaghetti. The day ended with me sitting on the couch with my eyes closed while I was read to, praying for the intense overwhelming pain to cease.

This was not a simple headache I endured… Migraines are more than a just a headache. Migraines can stop people in their tracks, they can cost work time, family time, and sleep. Migraines can have triggers such as lack of sleep, certain foods, stress, or drinks. Migraines are not easy to live with. Migraines are not simple “spells” over exaggerated as an excuse to not do something.


Today I can still feel the lingering effects, the pain has returned to a dull ache once again, my eyes still sensitive to light forming a halo effect around the computer screen, still an occasional sharp spikes arises behind the right eye, loud sounds are still irritating. My whole body aches ever so slightly as if I’m recovering from a cold. I’m not alone in my suffering, nearly 36 million Americans suffer along with me. Some people suffer through migraines that last up to 72 hours, mine only last from 12 to 24 hours.

Yesterday was a rough day… But I found my way through. We humans are an incredibly resilient species. We learn to adapt and preserver no matter what life throws our way.

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