Creative Building with Brackitz #ad

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Creative Building with Brackitz

Brackitz are such a fun way for kids to learn engineering skills! You can build anything your imagination can come up with. We built robots that became dogs that turned into airplanes. Brackitz are an easy to handle manipulative that makes creating something new fun.

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Upon sight the kids were enamored with these colorful blocks. The possibilities of what they could create forming images inside their minds even before I got them out of the box. The hardest part for them was taking turns with the set. I aim to add STEM experiences as often as I can because I feel the hands on experience of building is far greater than an hour spent crying over a worksheet. Don’t get me wrong, I think all experiences have a place in a well rounded curriculum but I have always had a soft spot for STEM.


The round started with a robot and his best friend, which I think is possibly a dog or maybe a three legged creature from a popular sci fi show. Either way, imagination is apparent in this statue. I could tell you all the different skills that we into it’s creation (such as symmetry, creative planning, critical thinking)… but instead I will let you move on to the next photo to see more of the works of art created with the Brackitz set.


This one I’m not sure what it was intended to be but again I see symmetry at play along with logical skills in finding balance to ensure their creation stands up.

This gives me an idea I didn’t think of earlier. The pieces are translucent and brightly colored. I can’t wait to try these out on the light table! DSC_0722

In this picture you can see how the pieces fit together.

Brackitz sets are sold in their shop online!
You can find their  28 piece set here along with several ideas on things you can build!

Inside the box was 7 different shaped pieces 3 each of the large hooks, 4 small hooks, six short boards, and six long boards making 28 pieces in all. The pieces are made of a sturdy plastic that will last awhile. The set fits together and come apart easily.


And last but not least is our airplane which was replicated from the picture on the box. Reproducing the image on a box is a whole different set of skills being practice. They have to take apart the project in their heads and figure out which pieces go where. They also have to fill in the spots they can’t see from the photo. Did I mention the propeller actually spins?

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