DIY Bath Bombs For Valentine’s Day Gifts

DIY Bath Bombs For Valentine’s Day Gifts

Heart shaped bath bombs make a creative and unique gift for kids to give out to their teachers, church friends, parents, and grandparents. Easy enough to make that, with supervision, any kid could make them.

DIY Bath Bombs For Valentines Day Gifts

For over a month now CB has been wanting to make her own bath bombs but we had a little trouble locating the citric acid needed and I ended up having to order it from Although, I recently learned that in it’s place we could have used Cream Of Tarter in smaller amounts and done the same thing. So if you can’t find the citric acid, try the Cream of Tarter but use only half the amount of the citric acid.


Ingredients for DIY bath bombs:

Epsom Salt
Baking Soda
Citric Acid
Essential oil
Mold – We used a silicone heart baking pan
Optional: Food coloring and baking sprinkles

For packaging you will need:

Plastic wrap or baggies
Paper Doilies such as these from Paper Mart
Ribbons or pre tied bows

This recipe made about six hearts per child in our heart mold pan.


In a bowl help each child measure out 1 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup citric acid, 1/3 cup Epsom Salt. You can also let them pour in some sprinkles for color and add the food coloring of their choice. Help them add the essential oil as well. Just enough to add a nice fragrance to their bomb. Note on food coloring, if you use gel than it’s going to look a little different and generally darker until it hits the bath water. We used rose colored gel food coloring on some and they looked nearly brown but once added to the bath they turned the whole tub a beautiful rosy pink.


Make sure the ingredients are stirred together completely before adding your water because once you add the water it’s time to mold them.
Add a very small amount of water and quickly stir as soon as the mixture begins to fizz.


Stuff the mixture into your mold and pack very tightly. Some children may need help with this part. Be sure they don’t put their hands in their mouths or eyes while handling the mixture. Although, I don’t think any of the ingredients we used are harmful, they may burn the eyes and probably taste awful. The adult might want to participate in this part because it leaves your hands feeling super soft.


Again, these should be pack super tight. Afterward get a large flat object like a book and press them into the molds. Wait just a few minutes and then turn your mold over and tap them out onto your surface. Don’t push them out. Just tap tap tap the back side until they fall out naturally.


Leave them to dry for a few hours and then you can begin to package them for their trip to their new homes. We used baggies because they were easier for the kids to handle as well as ribbons that were pre-tied and had twist ties on the back.


The kids had fun putting them in their bags and decorating the bags up. These paper dollies are from Paper Mart and added a lovely back drop to our hearts.


The kids will be giving these out to the ladies at church for Valentine’s Day as way to say how much they care about them. It’s a little more personable and useful than the paper generic cards we usually give out and I hope they will love them.


  1. Great idea if only I had the time!

  2. This is such a cute idea, those silicone ice cube trays are so useful for so many crafts! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. This looks like such fun! I have all of the ingredients…I just need the molds. Pinning! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. These are adorable! I pinned to my vday board.. since I would love to make these with the kids!

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