App Of The Week – Nursery Rhymes and Songs

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App Of The Week

Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Lou Lou loves to use my phone and is borrowing it to play all the time when we are traveling… and at home, before bed, while on the potty, or while the other kids are doing school work. Pretty much anytime that requires her to sit, she is asking for my phone. I’m always looking for good apps for her that are educational and fun. It is important to me that she uses her screen time usefully and I try to find her apps that do just that. I was super excited to test out the Nursery Rhyme app over the past couple of weeks for her. It has several features that I adore.


The art is sheer adorable. They have some cute characters that she finds hilarious such as a dancing pig. I like the art style. It’s bright and clear with a happy look. The stories are interactive and each screen has several places the child can tap to cause different reactions. Lou loved finding all the different interactive spots. For the younger ones who haven’t yet learned how to control the phone they have a playlist feature to play any 25 songs one after another uninterrupted.


My daughter never tires of the happy voice that sings the different songs. They are downloaded onto your phone and don’t require must data after the initial download. This is my favorite part because she has been killing our phone data each month. With the KidloLand app, I don’t have to worry about her using 30 gb of data in the car. She can listen to songs we know and love and also learn about animals, transportation, and so much more in new songs.


They have several free songs offered when you download the app but to get the full experience they offer a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 or you can pay for a full year for $39.99. New content is available each month which makes the subscription service handy! Learn more on I-tunes now!

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