Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY

I thought we would end Dinosaur theme week with a bang! Well, maybe more of a really loud sizzle. This post finishes up my current Dinosaur theme. We have done worksheets, counting puzzles, sensory fun, and now we are going to do a craft. I also added a few bonuses at the bottom so be sure to check them out. Cool add-ons such as a coloring page and some links to further your dino fun. On to the craft!

Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY

Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY (1)

Needed supplies:
Two liter
Dunkin Donuts coffee creamer bottle. It tapers just right for the tail and the bottom is almost the same size as the 2 liter.
6 Cardboard tubes
Duct Tape
Newspaper or magazine
Paint (I used spray paint but to be honest I just wanted to play with spray paint. Any paint will do.)
Time and Patience

Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY 3

I started with the neck and head because that was a crucial part of my design and if it didn’t work there would be no dino. I cut a diagonal strip off one tube and taped them together.

Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY 4

I added a third tube to the top and taped it on as well.This I then taped to the end of the 2 liter.Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY 5

For the feet, I cut the tubes in half. I taped them onto the base of the 2 liter.

Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY 6

I then taped the creamer bottle to the bottom of the 2 liter. This formed the tail. I added another tub that I squished on the end to form the peak.

Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY 7

There is the basic shape of the dinosaur… Now the fun begins.

Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY 8

Paper mache is messy… not glue and glitter messy… it’s worse than that.

We used a flour and water mixture that was the consistency of glue. We rubbed the overall dinosaur with the goop. I took strips of newspaper and glued them down to the dino with the goop. Cover the whole project a couple of times and let dry over night.

dino paper mache

The next day you can paint or let the kids paint the dinosaur. I suggest googly eyes…than again I suggest googly eyes for everything.

Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY 2

When it’s dry, cut a small hole in his back and you are finished! Now you can start filling your bank with change!
Dinosaur Paper Mache Piggy Bank DIY

Here is a fun coloring sheet for you to print and color!


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