Working With Prime and Composite Numbers Practice Activity

Working With Prime and Composite Numbers Practice Activity

Right now we are reviewing a few math facts and it came to my attention that they needed a hair more practice separating Prime numbers from Composite numbers. We played a game where they listed numbers in different columns on our big board and I’m working on an activity similar to Jeopardy with math trivia but tonight I made them a work page they can use as a dry erase activity to practice this skill on their own. I’m going to share it below. It’s a very simple paper where they work out the numbers factors and decide if the number is prime or composite. I also added odd and even on there to because that is another skill we are practicing.

Prime numbers can be divided evenly only by 1 or itself.  Example 2 – Factors of 2 are 1,2. Therefore 2 is a Prime number.
Composite numbers can be divided evenly by 1, itself, and at least one other number. Example 4 – Factors of 4 are 1,2,4. Therefore 4 is a Composite number.

Learn more about prime and composite numbers here.

Working With Prime and Composite Numbers Practice Activity

The way we did this activity is to print out the page and slide in into an Avery Corner Lock Document Sleeves. The document sleeves work as mini dry erase boards. I’m sure you can find these sleeves at any store that sells office or school supplies and they are super cheap. We got ours for under a dollar each. The front should be clear and the corner locking ones work best to keep it shut while they work. I have tried several different dry erase markers on them and they all have erased easily. These sleeves help save paper and makes it easy for them to practice skills over and over. 

Working With Prime and Composite Numbers Practice Activity1

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