Blog Planning for the New Year And Free Printable Blogging Planner Pages

I have actually put some thought into where I want to take the blog in the new year. There are many things I hope will come about and a few things that I’m working toward. A few of my biggest goals involve being more consistent in my posting and learning more organization skills. Sometimes I feel sort of scattered and it would be nice to feel more grounded and in control. I want to feel pride in a job well done and to know that I put everything I have into every post. Although at two in the morning I don’t always have my full mental capabilities at my disposal but often that makes for the more interesting posts. I hope to bring more substance and value in the new year as well as more of myself and our little family with stories and pictures.

Thank you all for a wonderful year!

My Goals for 2016:

  1. Move more toward professionalism and away from my current impersonation of a lobotomy patient.
  2. Organize things in a way that gives me more time to prepare and wow sponsors as well as entertain my wonderful readers (you).
  3. Find a balance between work, home school, blog, and my avoidance of house work.
  4. Drink more coffee.
  5. Up the amount of time I can hide in the bathroom before the kids find me from one minute to two minutes.
  6. Find new ways for our family to cope with some upcoming possibly stressful times.
  7. Not ride in an airplane.
  8. Finish a movie…any movie…will settle for a half hour tv show on Netflix. Fuller House is coming on soon so I’m hoping to actually watch a whole episode in one sitting without having to get up to get something, wipe someone, clean up, or stop a fight.
  9. Find a way to get my son to focus more on his school work and less on his gaming skills. Even if his gaming skills are pretty awesome.
  10. Have more fun, create more, craft more, spend more time as a family…live and love life to it’s fullest.

That is my personal and professional goal list and what I will be working toward in the new year.

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You can also download this free Blogging planner set I created to help with the organization thing. There are 5 pages included that can be reused as much as needed. One for the whole month at a glance, one for a more week to week type organizing, one for planning your blog posts, and one for planning sponsored content.

Free Printable Blogger Planning Calender

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