Post Christmas Thoughts and Feelings

Christmas has come and gone. Really, it seems as if nothing has happened. It doesn’t feel as if the holiday I have always loved has occurred and if not for the copious amounts of toys littering my living room floor, I’m not sure I would have noticed it passing by. I wonder if it is me or just the current situation we are in. My family is faced with a huge decision and at this stage in life, we didn’t think we would be where we are. Yet here we sit staring into a new year full of uncertainty. This next year will change the way our family functions and the weight of that knowledge seems to have dampened our Christmas spirit.


Although, I am sure the kids enjoyed it. We tried to make it as magical for them as we always do. My son did learn the truth about Santa this year causing him to some what question things. He tried to stay up all night just to see if the truth we told him was just our excuse for taking the credit for Santa’s gifts or if Santa really was just us. He didn’t make it this year so he has a whole year to contemplate the existence of Santa.


Lou Lou is to the point where she thinks Santa is the bee’s knees. Which brings a question to mind…Why do we call people the bee’s knees? Okay just Googled it and apparently it comes from the fact that flower nectar is collected into the bee’s legs. Well that is today’s wonderful off the wall fact. Train of thought derailed and I’m not sure where I was going with this whole post, so instead I’m going to show you a picture of our Christmas breakfast…We call them Crazycakes.


I hope you have a wonderful day.