Minions Movie Viewing Party Tutorial

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Minions Movie Viewing Party Tutorial

It’s that time! The day we have been waiting for since Summer! Illumination Entertainment’s Minions has been released on to Blu-ray/DVD on December 8th!!! My kids have been looking forward to this release for the longest time. They all three are minion crazed! Time for a night of fun dedicate to Minions © 2015 Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

First things first, it was time for a trip to Target to pick up our movie night supplies and Minions. Target is a great place to grab those party night supplies. They carry everything from the bananas for our smoothies to the minion toys, books, and apparel my kids love so much. Available only at Target is an exclusive Minions Blu-ray/DVD Metalpak with 40 minutes of Target Exclusive content all in an adorable metal minion case! You can order a copy online and pick it up in store making it a convenient way to get access to the minion’s latest antics!


The exclusive Target Bonus Content can help you get your viewing party off to a great start. It includes fun food ideas, games to play, invitations, and much more. Those little goggle wearing minions can really throw a party.

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And now I’m going to show you our viewing party and a few tips on how you too can easily recreate this fun event!

Concession table for movie snacks!

For our table I was thinking retro concession stand with a twist. We had big box candies, popcorn balls, bananas, bubble gum, marshmallows, and our banana smoothies. The printable pack to recreate this is included below as a free download as well as the recipes for the popcorn balls and smoothies.


Included in the printable pack is the banners, food labels, popcorn holders, and a few other things for you to use at your party.


The aim of the party was to increase the already high level of excitement for these little yellow guys. It worked. All the kids were excited to see the table and the movie sitting on it. They couldn’t wait to pop it in and watch it.


In the Now Showing box place of honor I placed the movie case.


Minion Popcorn Balls Recipe

One of the first things I thought of when planning our minion party was popcorn balls. They are yellow and roundish just like minions and popcorn is a great movie night snack.

Ingredient list:

Butter popcorn (2 bags made 12 balls)
1 cup light corn syrup
1/4 cup butter
2 cups powdered sugar
1 1/2 cups marshmallows
2-3 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 tablespoon salt


In a sauce pan pour your corn syrup, marshmallows, powdered sugar, vanilla, salt,water and butter. Stir it all together and wait for it to boil while stirring occasionally. Let it boil while you pop your popcorn.


In a big bowl pour popcorn, be sure to keep the unpopped kernels out. Pour the mixture onto the popcorn and mix. This is when you can add your sprinkles, we added minion yellow sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles. This can be a little sticky and hot so use a large spoon at first.


Oil your hands and began to make the ball shapes with the popcorn. You can use a cupcake pan to help form the shape and keep the balls separated while the dry. Wrap them in plastic wrap afterwards.


This was actually our first attempt at the popcorn ball and we loved how well it turned out. The kids were intrigued by the sticky balls of pop corn. It was such a great movie night snack.


Banana Blast Smoothie

For a refreshing drink it just had to be something banana when it comes to the minions. My little minions love bananas just as much as the minions do. Smoothies are an easy way to give them a healthy snack


5 Bananas
1 tablespoon Vanillla
2 cups ice
4 cups of milk


Add all your ingredients into the blender and turn it on. Precautionary note: if you let the kids do this, tell them they have to peel the bananas first. It is also required that you say BANANA at least 10 times while making these.


More bananas make for a better taste so if your smoothie is lacking, toss in another banana or two.


In the printable pack is drink labels for you to add to your cups or water bottles.


Craft – Minion Snuggle Buddy

For our craft I was thinking about something that they could cuddle while they watch the movie so we made minion buddies. Both the minion and his overalls were made from fleece material. I picked this because you don’t have to hem fleece and making 6 -7 minion bags was a breeze with the fleece material.

I used a plate to trace the curve of the minion’s head and gave him a rectangle bottom. For the bottom, I cut a rectangle the was a hair wider than the minion. The straps are just long rectangles and the pocket is just a smaller rectangle. The buttons were made from black felt.


There are three ways you could put your minions together. You could pre-sew them and have them ready, let the kids blanket stitch sew them if they are old enough, or you could hot glue them together. Fleece fabric works well with hot glue and is very forgiving in the sewing department making them so easy and simple to make. If you choose to sew them before hand like I did, just sew a 1/2 inch seam around the body leaving a small opening for turning and stuffing at the bottom, the same method would go for hot glue too. The bag is made similarly except the top is left open. Also be sure to attach your front pocket first if sewing because it is easier to attach before the front and back are sewn together.  The straps are attached on either side of the pocket on the front and back with either hot glue or sewing around the base of the handles.


The goggles and eye (or eyes) are made from felt. A long band of felt for the base and circles building on top of each other for the eyes starting with the black circle followed by a white circle and then a smaller black circle. The hair and mouth are also made from black felt.


I them the older kids hot glue the faces on. Another great thing about felt is that these yellow cuties were so super soft that all the kids snuggled them till they fell asleep.


Games And Fun!

I will admit that I did not intend for these goggles to be worn by people but Lou had an idea. This is our “Evil Leader” disguise for our game we played. It was kinda like Simon says but they had to say Evil Leader and everyone had to do what the Evil Leader told them to. The Evil Leader was dressed like a banana with minion goggles on.



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