Ideas For The Passive Aggressive Gift Giver

This is intended to be a sarcastic slightly humorous post to relieve my own passive aggressive thoughts. It’s all in fun. And keep in mind this Holiday season, without a little humor and sarcasm some of us might be neighbors in prison bragging about our body counts.


It’s the time of year that we are forced to give gifts to people we don’t necessarily care to see on a regular basis. Trying to find the perfect gift that says “I thought of you” when you are trying to not think of them at all can sometimes be hard especially for those of us with a passive aggressive nature. Here are a few gift ideas to help you out.

  1. Gift Cards are lovely thoughtful gifts. Get them a card to a place they don’t like, put it in a card that expresses your enthusiasm for seeing them this Holiday Season.
  2. Pants. Get them 3 or more sizes too big and tell them as they open them that you didn’t know their size but showed a picture from their Facebook to the sales clerk and she picked these out. Leave in the receipt so they can return for a size that fits and try to figure out which sales clerk they should give the stink eye to.
  3. Name a star after them. This might actually work for some people but if I told my husband I spent money to name a star after him, I would be single by New Years.
  4. Absolutely nothing. Tell them about the awesome gift you thought about getting them but thought they already had one or the great gift you forgot at home.
  5. A Novelty Trophy. Such as one of these Novelty Trophies. Like the “You Are Driving Me Crazy Award” or “Cry Baby” or my personal favorite the “Drama Queen” award…can it be given to several people at once or can there be only one?

And most importantly, don’t forget to smile… it is Christmas after all.


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