#SpreadCheer With A Surprise Cookie Basket With Betty Crocker #AD

#SpreadCheer With A Surprise Cookie Basket With Betty Crocker

There is nothing funner than a group of kids and a pack of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix. Add some sprinkles and the intention of gifting the cookies to an unsuspecting neighbor and you have double the fun.

We decided to make Frozen inspired cookies for our neighbor friends who love all things snow and ice. We think they will enjoy these yummy Betty Crocker sugar cookies with sprinkles made of snowflakes. We had so much fun making them.

We made a trip to our local Food Lion to get ourselves some Betty Crocker goodies like Sugar Cookie mix, sprinkles, and icing. And for all of you who are questioning my parenting skills based on my daughter’s fashion sense, I picked them up from camp Granny like this I promise. 🙂


A proper cookie party should always include messy fun! So I let the kids get involved in every step of the process from mixing to decorating. But first thing is first and they have to wash their hands so they can get messy all over again.  This was Lou’s favorite step. She loved playing in the flour and using the rolling “thingy” as she called it.


These kids love to bake. We actually made two batches of Sugar Cookies. One batch we made in a cupcake pan and the other we used cookie cutters and made star shaped. The plan was actually to make cookie pops with the small balls but someone (not pointing fingers or anything) forgot to get the sticks. In that person’s defense, she was alone at Food Lion with three kids who had just came from spoilville and were already hyped up on the idea of making cookies.
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My favorite step is the decorating process. I love it when a cookie design comes into place and they look like you meant for them to be that way when in reality you cut the hole in the icing too large, the three year old stole the lid to the sprinkles, and you have spent that past 10 minutes reminding the older kids to not eat all the cookies. Into the box they went after being each individually decorated in a unique fashion.

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I printed out these awesome gift tags from Betty Crocker to make my treat look even more special. The have some other things on their site to print out so be sure to check it out!

Cookies done and we were out the door to deliver. CB was so excited because she is a giver. She loves to give gifts. The special cookies found their way to a special home where I am sure they will be enjoyed as much as we enjoyed making them!

Print out these cute #SpreadCheer tags and more at Betty Crocker’s Website!

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If you are looking for ways to spread joy this holiday season be sure to check out Betty Crocker’s Page!

Find more at Betty Crocker’s Website!

#SpreadCheer With Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies

Time for a GIVEAWAY!

Make your own cookie basket and share the delivery on social media. Nominate someone to #spreadcheer and be sure to use the hashtag #spreadcheer so everyone can see it! Also be sure to tag me @miniaturemasterminds so your entry will count! A random winner will win $20 PayPal cash!

It’s a great time to have a little extra cash on hand!

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