Mess Free Sidewalk Chalk Fun Inside The House

Do you miss the fun of playing with sidewalk chalk during the cold days of winter or when snow is covering the sidewalk? We do. I found something to fix that, purely by accident. I was walking around Walmart during one of them rare shopping without kids moments. It has been awhile so I was aimlessly browsing each aisle like I was sight seeing some foreign land. Then I saw this Chalkboard table cloth hanging with the Christmas tablecloths. Chalkboard table cloth… I was interested and at 3 dollars it was worth the risk. So I grabbed it and some chalk. When I got home with it I set it out in the classroom floor to try to get the wrinkles out.


I’m betting if this was on carpet we could draw a hopscotch thing on it and play hopscotch in the living room.  On hard floor it was a little slippery. I’m not sure if it would be any less slippery on carpet because I didn’t try that but I’m guessing it would be.


It’s black vinyl and wipes clean with a little bit of water. It is a little harder to write on that a chalkboard but only because I have yet to figure out how to get the wrinkles out…and I threw away the instructions. I feel the need to Google that now. Okay, apparently I just need to throw it into the dryer with some wet towels for a couple of minutes. I think I will go do that right now.DSC_0446

 So there you have it… all the fun of Sidewalk art inside. Now I’m off to hopefully not mess it up in the dryer!

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