DIY Advent Calendar Tree

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DIY Advent Calendar Tree

One thing I promise year after year is to make an Advent Calendar…I have usually just purchased one that we ended up eating all the chocolate out of the first day and then moved on to another countdown. That has all changed this year. Using these awesome boxes from Paper Mart, we have created an advent calendar that also doubles as a Christmas decoration. And I am going to show you how we made this project.

DIY Advent Calendar Tree 1

What you will need:

Little white cardboard boxes like these from Paper Mart
Wrapping Paper
Paper Doilies
Prizes or Candy

Step one: Fill the boxes. I have three kids so I put three prizes in each of the 25 boxes. That may seem like a lot but I bought things like party favors that come in packs of 8 or candy in bags. I spent around 10 dollars at the dollar tree and had prizes left over.


Step 2: Wrap each box. I used premium wrapping paper from Paper Mart in two different colors. I say I used but really I employed child labor to getting all 25 of these boxes wrapped.


And they did a wonderful job getting them wrapped.


Step 3 Write 1 – 25 on paper doilies and tape a doily to each box.


Step 4 Stack the boxes in numerical order starting with 1 on the bottom and move up. There will be boxes on the inside layers.


Each day until Christmas they will take turns unwrapping a box to find a daily treat. It will be a surprise because we didn’t keep track of what we put in each box and they didn’t see half of them being filled. They are already so super excited they have already been asking me to unwrap them.

DIY Advent Calendar Tree

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