Mommy Moment – Will You Play With Me?

My mind was swimming with thoughts about dead lines coming up, photography ideas, getting school work ready, and so many other things. I was rushing around with a stack of things on a to do list that never seemed to get any smaller. Time seemed to be growing shorter and here I was in the middle of a free for all about to go crazy moment. It was one of those moments when I about threw my hands in the air and gave up because I just didn’t think it could be done. I was silently cursing myself for taking on too much. All I could do was put my head in my hands so I could berate myself and try to figure out a game plan. That was when I felt a small hand tap gently on my arm. “Mommy, will you play with me?” I thought of all the reasons I should say no. I thought of all the things I should be doing instead. I almost said, “Sorry, Mommy is busy right now.” But then I thought of all the reasons I should say yes.

Sure this request comes fairly often right now but those times will come to an end. She is three now and I’m not quite sure how she got to be that old this soon. I’m fairly certain the next few years will go by just as quickly. My ten year old used to ask me to play dolls with her and that has changed. Now she wants to do anything but imaginative play. My nine year old used to want to play toys with me, now all he wants to play is games. So yes, I am certain this stage will come to an end and I will be left with a mound of half nude Barbie dolls, a pile of little shoes that don’t have matches, and dreams of what used to be.

She needed someone to play with. Her sister is too busy to play with her. She has her own things she wants to do. Not one of them involves cleaning her room but she has “things”. Her brother isn’t about to touch a Barbie doll. No matter how many times I tell him Barbies aren’t covered in some mutated germ that girls are immune to but will strike a boy down and I’m pretty sure he would live afterwards, it doesn’t matter society and his daddy have made sure that boy lives in fear of Barbie and the color pink. That leaves Mommy to be the play pal.

I needed a break…and someone to play with. Sitting there worrying about getting things done wasn’t actually getting anything done. I took myself outside of the zone of “it can’t be done”. I wasn’t shirking my responsibilities but preparing myself to be able to return to them with a better mind set. Getting away from the stress for a short while helped me to realize I just needed to take each thing one at a time. The euphoria that comes with knowing I made at least one of my children happy helped to take away the negativity that had found it’s way into my mind. Negativity is a surefire way to not get anything done and with it out of the way I felt free. I was now better equipped to take on the mountain of work I had and that never ending to do list. And guess what, it all somehow got done.


Take the time to enjoy the day because once it’s gone there is no getting it back.