Family Fun Movie Night with Shark Boy And Lava Girl – Create Your Own Dream Journal

Family Fun Movie Night with Shark Boy And Lava Girl

I’ve been trying to think of a way to describe Sharkboy and Lavagirl but the only word that comes to mind is surreal. It’s like that painting with the melting pocketwatch… it kinda resembles reality but often takes on a dream like state. Max is a normal boy who deals with bullies, school, and his fighting parents the only way he knows how…daydreaming a better life. He forms this magical dream world and creates friends in the form of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl is on Netflix right now…check it out, the kids love it.


Max keeps all his dreams in his special dream journal. So we decided to make our own dream journals and create our own imaginary worlds.

What you need:

Glue or tape
Letter stickers
Scrapbook paper


Wrap your scrapbook paper around the cover of your journal. Tape or glue down. Using the stickers spell out DREAMS on the cover.


Tada Dream journal is ready for use!


The kids were ready to add their first entries right away. We decided that dream journals can included daydreams as well as sleep dreams. We had a wonderful discussion on dreams and the differences in daydreaming and dreaming while asleep.

Dreams that can go in the dream journal can be fun, silly, or to show feelings. They can be dreams had while sleeping or things imagined while awake. It’s an open ended way of showcasing their creativity and their dreams.


This post is part of a new series of fun family film nights we will be working on.

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