Mommas Game Too…

This post is sponsored by Trove but all opinions are our own.

Mommas Game Too…

I have many things I share with my girls; hair, nails, makeup, shopping, dolls, the love of a chick flick… the list is endless of things we have in common. My son is different. He doesn’t care what his hair or nails look like and shopping to him is a form of special torture I inflict on him. He can’t sit through a movie or show that doesn’t include the word “butt” every three sentences. We don’t have a whole lot that we can do together to build that mother son relationship but we do have one thing, Games. We both love to play games. You may not know this about me but if my gaming skills are a means to gauge how well I would do in a zombie apocalypse… My son and I would so survive.

Our latest craze is TROVE. TROVE is an online MMO (massively multiplayer online) game that is Free to Play online. It’s available for both PC and Mac and can be downloaded quickly from here. It’s a fun game all about exploring and building. We can play together from separate computers. When he is at Granny’s house and wants to play with Mom we can still play together. It’s so much fun. We often go adventuring looking for treasure together or fight monsters. TROVE has a very smooth game play and even when both of us are on the same network, things work smoothly which has been the case in past online play. I love the bright simple look that is detailed enough to be cute but still gives me a nostalgic feeling of the games I used to play as a child.

The game play is easy to get the hang of using the mouse and keyboard. It did take me a lot longer to get the hang of it than my boy but than again, he is the professional. He had already built a building before I even figured out how to get the little person to walk in a straight line. I did find be a few monsters to slay which made me feel a slight bit of triumph. Bring it on monsters of the world…I have a sword and I know how to swing it!

I love being able to connect with my son on his own level. I like that we are building something together. It’s great to have something that both of us enjoy. Check Trove out and join me in the realm of open possibilities.


Where will your adventure take you?