Change Up Your Coffee Anytime of Day #RemixYourCoffee #IC #ad

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Change Up Your Coffee Anytime of Day

Actually, I don’t like change very much. So why would I be wanting to change up my coffee? Because I like my coffee my way and the only person who can make it the way I like it is me (and the children I have painstakingly trained to make coffee while using the excuse we are playing restaurant.). Which means I don’t get the chance to enjoy coffee on the go as much as I would like and forget it when we are out of town unless I carry along my whole coffee machine. When I need it the most I have been out of luck. And trust me, my family will tell you, without my coffee I’m not a barrel of sunshine and giggles. Yet, all that has changed now thanks to Folgers Flavors.

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Being fairly new to the coffee game, I have already discovered my favorite flavors. First of all, it HAS to be Folgers. From the beginning I have learned that the best coffee comes from starting with a brand that is known for it’s quality. I start with my base and from there I add a splash of vanilla and cream enough to turn it beige, no other sugar. I also happen to like a hint of caramel at times depending on the time of day. Folgers Flavors help me to accomplish my perfect cup… and now I can get it anywhere at home or on the go. With a pop of the top and a squeeze I can have that vanilla or caramel flavor that I crave.


Folgers Flavors are concentrated flavor enhancers available in a convenient, portable squeeze container made special just for coffee. They come in four delicious flavors: Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel! I have already used all of my Vanilla because it really is a great way to enhance the flavor of my coffee. I can add as much or as little as I want. I could even add it to iced coffee to enjoy on a warm day. They are small enough to fit in my purse and have on hand any time I decide I want to enjoy a cup of hot delicious coffee. DSC_0753

Check out this neat video from  Mike Tompkins, Youtube Star, as he shares how he enjoys his Folgers Flavors and

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19 thoughts on “Change Up Your Coffee Anytime of Day #RemixYourCoffee #IC #ad

  1. I usually prefer my coffee black and my favorite coffee is the one that comes out of out coffee maker 😀 But from time to time I do like adding different flavours to my coffee.

  2. I don’t do caffeine, so I’ve used Folgers instant decaf for years. My husband is the coffee addict in our house. I do love good flavor in my Folgers, so I’ll be sure and look for these.

  3. I don’t drink coffee but we do like to have hot cocoa now that the weather is starting to cool down. I bet some of these flavors would be fun to try with that!

  4. I lie the idea of having my favorite flavors on the go with me. Would be great to have a nice cup of coffee when you visit a place that only has regular black!

  5. Ooooh, this sounds awesome. I’ve never heard of it! I get SO tired of having the same coffee over and over, so this is perfect!

  6. I can’t live without a constant supply of coffee. Although I would drink it any kind of way I do like to mix the flavors up a bit. I’ve tried similar flavor enhancers for water but never coffee. Genius.

  7. I always start the day off with a fresh cup of coffee! I never knew Folgers had so many different flavors. I NEED to try the hazelnut one <3

  8. Oh my gosh! I actually just bought one of these – the caramel one! It does WONDERS for my morning cup of coffee! I love these little bottles…magic, I tell you!

  9. I have never tried flavour in my coffee but I am now intrigued!! Will be trying these out and letting you know what I think of flavoured coffee 🙂

  10. I need to suggest these to my husband. He usually drinks his coffee black, but I think he would really like some of the flavors that Folgers is offering.

  11. These are so good! I have tried the mocha and the caramel. I am going to try the vanilla next. I don’t like hazelnut but my best friend loves it so I will pick one up for her too. They are great to carry in your purse.

  12. Yum these sound awesome! I would definitely try the hazelnut and the caramel, they sound so yummy!

  13. I’m not a coffee drinker but this would be so great for guests coming over to spice things up a bit. These flavors look so good, especially since when I do occasionally drink coffee I have to doctor it pretty substantially.

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