Easy Halloween Snacks with Mrs. Freshley’s Snack Cakes

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Easy Halloween Snacks with Mrs. Freshley’s Snack Cakes

I have always loved working with Mrs. Freshley’s to create pinterestworthy snacks and to share their great ideas. In the past I have recreated several great ideas and tonight I am going to share a couple of my own. These are ideas that would wow any party goer with minimal supplies and can be made in a short amount of time.

The first one is the Chocolate Bells Ghostly Graveyard

Chocolate Bells
Peep Ghosts
Mellowcreme Pumpkins
Green food coloring


Start by dabbing green dyed icing onto the top of the Chocolate Bells.
Add your ghost and pumpkin to the top.
Each super cute snack takes mere moments but looks really cute. You can alternate with peep tombstones if you can find them.

My second idea is the Coffin Rolls. This one is so easy that the kids can do it themselves but it has a spooky appeal that everyone will love.


Swiss Rolls Made with Reese’s Peanut Butter
Plastic Skeleton or candy hands if you can find them


Take the two cakes and put them on top of each other. Place the arm or candy skeleton creeping out of the casket.

For more super fun ideas check out Mrs. Freshley’s website!

There you can find easy treats that anyone can do!

Such as:

Pumpkin Bells


and these super cute

Batty Popsbatty-pops-small


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