Let the Games Play On!

“Mom!!! They won’t leave me alone.” Screams and giggles ringing through the house as the girls terrorize my one and only son. Maybe I should go rescue him from the relentless laughter or reprimand them for their girlish torture techniques. It is quite late, I should send them all to bed. I could do any of that and they would probably conform to my wishes but than again they are but children. Should they not be able to laugh and play, giggling into the night. Sooner or later they will get tired of chasing their brother back and forth across the playroom and their fingers will tire of the tickling. All too soon they will grow from the childish games and no longer with the squeals of laughter radiate from these walls. All too soon will they no longer have to be sent to bed but will be sending their own children to bed. One moment I will blink and when I open my eyes my children will be grown and will be telling me how fast their own offspring is growing. For tonight I will let them be kids. Tonight I will let them bicker and fret about childish issues. Tonight I will not be the one to stop the fun with threats of sleep. Tonight I will let the games continue. Although, I may go suggest a new game… one that doesn’t involve driving their brother crazy. Two on one isn’t very fair, perhaps it’s time mommy joins in the game to even things up.