DIY Skull Mask With Free Printable Pattern

DIY Skull Mask With Free Printable Pattern

Nothing makes an activity more fun than glitter glue pens! Glitter pens rank up there with googly eyes in my opinion and I love me some googly eyes. Confessions of this craft mom: googly eyes are as gold to me, glitter pens are my diamonds, and construction paper can make me tearful with happiness. I love craft supplies. Anyway, none of that being in any relation to the current post I will now hush on my praise for the craft goodies and move on to this instructional post. This is a DIY Skull face mask I designed to decorate and have fun with.

Diy Skull Mask With Free Printable Pattern

Materials used:

Foam sheets
Cutting Knife or scissors
Glitter Glue

New folder (15)2

I used this craft knife to cut out the mask but I have used it quite often and it wasn’t as sharp as I would have liked leaving some edges crooked. Scissors would work for this just as well.


Here are our masks freshly cut out and ready to decorate.


There kids loved squeezing the glitter glue onto the masks. They were all unique in their designs.


Bub used the beads to form teeth for the skull. I think this was a unique approach to his skull. He also went a little heavy on the glitter glue.


I hope you all have fun decorating your own skulls with the pattern below! I would love to see them you can email me a picture or showcase them on Instagram my user name is @miniaturemasterminds!


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